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West Coast

Andrew River

Crotty River Track to Mt. McCall

Distance: 30 km.
Average Grade: 3.3 m/km.
Peak Grade: 4 m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 2-3 (can be grade 3-4 on the Franklin).
Paddling Time: 2 days.
Entry Point: Kelly Basin rd – look for a rough track where the Crotty River crosses the road, follow this track (Grid ref. CP 859 214) for about 1 km. Alternatively, drag down the Crotty River (creek).
Exit Point: The Andrew River joins the Franklin River just above the Mt. McCall haulage way (Grid ref. CN 976 076), either portage up the haulage way and out along the Franklin River rd or continue down the Franklin (preferred).
Water Level:  2-3 days of good rain is needed.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Franklin.
Shuttle: 30 km via Mt McCall, or a long, long way via Strahan!
General Description: The Andrew River is an alternative way into the Franklin River system which ultimately feeds into the Gordon River. The top section can be slow going. Frequent log jams are encountered in the first 4-6 km. and paddling while sitting on the deck of the kayak saves getting out to drag over them (an inflatable kayak is a reasonable alternative). The river then becomes very pleasant and wide with numerous shingle rapids until the junction with the Franklin River. Approximately 100 m before the confluence, the river goes through a narrow rocky channel. Camping is readily accessible under the myrtles. The ground is peaty so be extremely careful with camp stoves (absolutely no fires).