Canoe Tas Inc

South East

Arve River

Arve Loop Rd to Southwood Road

Distance: 13 km.
Average Grade: 11 m/km.
Peak Grade: 27 m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 3-4.
Paddling Time: 1-2 days.
Entry Point: At the Arve bridge on the Arve Loop rd, 17 km before the Tahune Air Walk (Grid ref: DN 842 214).
Exit Point: At the bridge (Grid ref: DN 850 325) over the Arve river on the Southwood rd, just above the Huon River junction.
Water Level: Heavy rain is required, 1.5m at the Tahune Bridge would be a minimum level.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Huon, 1:25,000 Geeveston & Glenhuon.
Shuttle: 15 km.
General Description: Don't be deceived by the look of the river at the put-in, this river is heavily log-jammed. The river has some good rapids immediately after the put-in, then the gradient flattens out as the river meanders across a broad plain, strewn with logs. The only reported trip was the first one and they got stuck out overnight and had to walk out due to the logs.