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Meander River

Exton to Egmont

high volume
Distance: 9.0 km.
Average Grade: 6 m/km.
Peak Grade: 20 m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 4.
Paddling Time: 1.5 hours.
Entry Point: Porters Road Bridge for the full trip, 6 km flat then 3 km of continuous rapids. For the final 3 km run only, turn left (from Westbury) at rifle range off Birralee Rd, follow road to river then carry boats 15 min upstream until a weir is reached.
Exit Point: The Egmont Bridge on Birralee Road (B72) (Grid ref. 846 061).
Water Level: Needs substantial rain. 0.9 m (Deloraine gauge) being the lowest, giving small technical rapids. 1.5 m level becomes fast, with no eddies & lots of play waves. There are 3 weirs which should be inspected, and are all usually shootable on the left. After the first weir, the normal lines are left at the first island then right at the second. Check levels : Deloraine RW Bridge (Flood Warning) Deloraine RW Bridge (Daily Warning)
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Meander, Tamar.
General Description: Get in below the weir, the second weir is paddleable on the far left. The river gets steep and is overgrown with tea trees which makes the grade 3 rapids more difficult. The river steepens at the second weir (where the road meets the river). Not a trip for the beginner. The 6 km section above the weir is flat and meandering.